Boston Marathon photos

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Boston Marathon photos:

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Welcome to the unofficial page for 2024 Boston Marathon photos prepared by RunPixie, the community-driven marathon photos platform.

RunPixie gathers photos from both bystanders and professional photographers, and offers digital albums that are actually affordable ($29.99 for the whole package). But your photos can be even more affordable (or even free):

  • Share and Save: Encourage friends & family to upload their pics (smartphones are just fine!). For every 50 photos (without you in them) uploaded to, they not only support the whole runner community but also earn you an additional 5% discount. Just remember, they should include your bib number when registering.
  • Extra 20% OFF: Leave your name, email, and bib number below to get notified as soon as your album is ready. As a token of our gratitude, you’ll receive a 20% discount unique coupon code.

By choosing RunPixie, you’re not just getting affordable access to your memories; you’re also supporting a small, shoe stringed startup that dreams of changing how marathon moments are shared and cherished.

If you leave your name, email, and the bib number below, we will notify you when your album is ready (approx. 24-48h after the race), and send you an additional 20% discount unique coupon code. We won’t sell your data or use it for anything else than letting you know about your photos.

After the race, the pictures will be available here