Running race pictures

It is time for running race pictures to not cost a fortune

Photos from running races often cost more than 60 EUR/USD – since running a race is an important event, and since most of us cannot have dozens and dozens of friends take pictures for us, photo companies exploit the situation.

Here comes RunPixie, where you can get great photos for a fraction of the cost: you pay only 29.99 PLN (less than 9 EUR/USD) after the race to get your photos (just don’t forget to display your runner’s number properly during the race!).

How to get even more discounts?

Let your friends know that they should register and add your bib number during signing up. When they take pictures during the race, they’ll get a commission on each package sold – and if, collectively, they upload over 50 pictures of runners other than you, you’ll get a 30% discount!