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We disrupt running races photo schemes by connecting runners with photographers.

Terms and conditions of use, returns, the license, privacy policy...

Our privacy policy is here – in short, we are not reselling your data, we’re using cookies for the purpose of stats and the service itself, we may also show ads and use a mailing list.

Our terms and conditions of use, and the returns and cancellations policy, can be found here – in short, you can use the photos freely for your private purposes, post on social media, etc., but you can’t resell, use as a logotype, or use for an AI project. Once you buy and download photos, you cannot return them, sorry – we hope that the watermarked preview is enough to make up your mind.

The license under which you are uploading photos to RunPixie is a part of the terms and conditions, so check again here – in short, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide license in return for a discount for your running friend. In some races (explicitly marked), we also may pay you a commission.

Our team


Dariusz Jemielniak

Wikimedia movement veteran, since 2015 a member of the Board of Trustees at Wikimedia Foundation. Chief community strategist at Foap.com. Vice-chair of the Board of Trustees at Escola S.A. Co-founder of Instaling, a teacher-support platform (used by 200 thousand users on weekly basis). Founder of ling.pl, the largest online dictionary in Poland (with 18 million monthly pageviews at peak), and  langoland.com, an e-learning platform sold to British School (the largest language school franchise in Poland).

Dariusz Jemielniak


Leon Ciechanowski

A seasoned data-scientist with a passion for machine learning.

Leon Ciechanowski


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